lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Missing D.C.

Had I not lived in Washington D.C. for some years, I would not feel the emotion I feel now expecting the Inauguration Day. How much I wanted to be in D.C. just these days, visiting some of my best friends, who live there, instead of fading away here in the South under the hot sun of the Buenos Aires summer! Do not give me the seashore, do not give me any summer vacations at this time of the year: I prefer the dryness of the Washingtonian cold air you breathe under the perfectly blue Washingtonian cold, brilliant sky. Just give me a pair of gloves and boots, a coat, a wool hat, a warm scarf if necessary, and let me be a witness of History in one of the most important moments in History in one of the noblest, finest cities in the whole planet. I hope tomorrow Washington will show the globe all its imperial magnificence; I hope this Inauguration Day will mean a vivid change for the world; and last but not least I also hope to go back not one but many, many times in the future so as to enjoy the perfect enchantment of the city I love—my second home.

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